The gourmet mushroom

Jan De Nolf
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The name Shiitake origins out of Japanese and means mushroom. The Shiitakes have been grown for ages in the Far East because of the warm and moist climate. There, they are highly appreciated because of their medicinal function for which they are held famous. Nowadays the Shiitake mushroom is being cultivated globally and has become an extremely popular fungus

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How do Shiitakes grow? 

Hard wood tree species such as oak, beech, walnut and chestnut are the ideal habitat for this mushroom


The difference in conditions 

The mushroom is being sold both in fresh and dried form. Fresh mushrooms contain for 90 percent out of water. When dried, the amount of water in the mushroom is about 10 percent, this makes the content of numerous nutrients increase substantially

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The medicinal function includes a great deal of proteins and vitamins B and C. Next to that, the mushroom helps to lower blood pressure and decreases the level of cholesterol

The Shiitake mushroom is one of the preciously selected mushrooms we use in our forest mushrooms mix this season. Next to that, the dried version of the Shiitake is an ideal bite while enjoying a drink and readily available for purchase online and in our stores as well


 Sautéed Shiitakes are perfectly matching with:

Linguine with parmesan cheese

A base of quinoa

Tastefully seasoned green lentils

A puree of celeriac, finished off with finely chopped parsley

On top a crispy baked toast

With game, guinea fowl, chicken, duck...

Cream soup Dubarry (cauliflower) with parsley

Idea for a festive starter


Risotto with mushrooms and parmesan cheese 

 This season we have a wild mushroom risotto in our assortment.

Come by in one of our shops and discover this ideal starter for the holidays.


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