Your festive dish this End-Of-Year

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Turducken is a festive dish which is typically served on special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas or during End-Of-Year celebrations. The dish includes a whole boneless turkey stuffed with a whole boneless duck further stuffed with a whole boneless chicken.

The earliest examples of similar poultry stuffing date back to the time of the Romans. During these times it was a way to show one’s wealth and to impress guests by stuffing meat inside other meats. Dinner was the main meal of the Romans. It could start in the late afternoon and last for four hours. Slaves served exotic stuffed meats such as roasted peacock and pheasant brains on silver or bronze plates. Apicius, the culinary advisor of Caesar was known for his lavish parties and fantastic meals with extravagant quantities of food and wine.

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Another well-known Roman named Petronius was one of those who never missed a party and belonged to a group described as “men who turn night into day”. Gaius Petronius wrote the famous satirical novel “Satyricon” where he displayed the Roman decadence with the so-called dinner party of Trimalchio, in which there was enough food to feed a small army. Twelve courses presented out on silver and Corinthian bronze plates were washed down with hundred-year-old Opimian Falernian, a sweet white wine regarded as the Château d'Yquem of Ancient Rome.


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The process involving the stuffing and cooking of one animal inside another is called engastration. It is a process aime at keep the rather drier meat from the turkey moist through the use of juicy duck meat stuffed inside.


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Special occasions

A Turducken is not a meal you would eat on an average day in the week, it is a festive dish which is served on special occasions celebrated with close relatives and friends. Besides, the average size of a turducken meal is not to be underestimated and feeds easily from 8 to 12 people.

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The Turducken is a perfect match with:

Slightly creamy gravy with a hint of mustard

Scalloped potatoes (Gratin)

Warm half apple filled with a compote of cranberries

Sauteed golden brown endives

Celeriac with onions

A wild mushroom mix

Our version of the Turducken dish comes with minced poultry meat seasoned with truffles and a gravy with a little touch of cream and can be ordered for your End-Of-Year celebrations. What’s more, all the side dished above-mentioned are available in our assortment this season. For more information about our End-Of-Year menu, click here.